General Specifications

Radio receiver, 15-1500KC in 2 ranges, double conversion, 6 microvolts sensitivity, 7 bands, mechanical digital dial, 70-H1 PTO, AM/CW/MCW/FSK, bandwidths: 0.1/1/2/4/8KC, 7 and 9 pin miniature receiving tubes, autotune, dual audio chains, squelch, 115/230 VAC 48-62 Cycles 250W with oven, 150W oven off, rack mount 10.5" high, 82 pounds. FSN 5820-503-1417

Technical Manuals

TM 11-855, TO 31R1-2URR-161 TM 11-855 Radio Receiver R-389/URR August 1955

TM 11-5820-359-12P Operator and Organizational Maintenance Repair Parts and Special Tools Lists and Maintenance Allocation Chart: Power Supply PP-621/URR

TM 11-5820-359-35P Field and Depot Maintenance Repair Parts and Special Tool Lists: Power Supply PP-621/URR

TM 11-5820-360-24P Organizational, Direct Support, and General Support Maintenance Repair Parts and Special Tools Lists (Including Depot Maintenance Repair Parts and Special Tools) July 1973

Collins Radio Report On Signal Corps Contract Development Courtesy Bill Hawkins and Al Tirevold
Final Engineering Report On Radio Receivers R-389( ) and R-390( )/URR Sept. 15, 1953

Production Information

Production Contract 14214-PH-51
Production Year 1951
Manufacturer Collins Radio
Production Quantity 856


Power Cable Assembly CX-1358/U
FSK Converter CV-115/URR TM 11-266
Cabinet, lightweight, tabletop CY-917/URR
Cabinet, medium duty, floor mount CY-1119/U
Cabinet, mobile mount, CY-979/URR
Cabinet, mobile mount, CY-1216/U